When DARKNESS DESCENDS was originally presented at the nonprofit organization chashama in New York earlier this year, the exhibition generated a complex dialogue that refused to end quietly. The aim was to encourage an exchange of ideas between Norwegian artists and the global art community during an active time for the arts in New York City. This was the perfect spotlight for an exhibition that addresses a group of young artists from a Scandinavian country that has still to capture the attention of a major American contemporary art museum. The exhibition is curated by Christina Vassallo, produced by Cottelston Advisors.

The exhibition includes drawings, photographs, paintings, sculpture, video, and sound pieces by Thora Dolven Balke, Halvor Bodin, Lars Elling, Anki King, Sol Kjøk, Ingvild Langgård, Are Mokkelbost, Rune Olsen, Anne Katrine Senstad, Elise Storsveen, Kjersti Vetterstad, Marius Watz, Liz Wendelbo, Jana Winderen, Monica Winther, and Munan Øvrelid.

Curator’s statement

Tuesday, Sept. 29, 4 p.m. Williams Visual Arts Building
Panel discussion about working in the art world, “What Next?” Exhibition producer Michael Sellinger will speak from the commercial viewpoint and describe how his company, Cottelston Advisors, fits into the for-profit model. Christina Vassallo will address the “what next” question from the viewpoint of a curator and arts administrator.
Exhibition reception to follow.

Wednesday, Sept. 30, noon, Williams Center for the Arts
Curator’s talk: Christina Vassallo and Michael Sellinger will discuss themes explored in the exhibition.

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