Oct. 20 – Dec. 12, 2009

Computation, Vision: Emergence
The artwork in the exhibit represents a collaboration between students and faculty in the art and computer science departments through the Emergent Patterns project. Headed by Ed Kerns, Eugene H. Clapp II ’36 Professor of Art, and Chun Wai Liew, associate professor and head of computer science, the project explored the complex patterns and processes that can emerge in visual structures.

Students from both technical and artistic backgrounds worked with software programs to produce different forms of recurring, natural patterns. These organic structures and patterns were then combined in layers of transparent surfaces. The multiple-layered works will allow the viewer to see the evolutionary track back through the surface to the less complex visual systems from which the final image emerges.

Student participants included Rhodes Baker ’10 (Columbus, Ohio), a computer science major; Imogen Cain ’12 (Perkasie, Pa.), an art major; Long Ho ’10 (Hanoi, Vietnam), a mathematics and computer science double major; Khine Lin ’11 (Yangon, Myanmar), who is pursuing a B.S. in electrical and computer engineering and an A.B. with a major in mathematics; and Scott Lyttle ’10 (Easton, Pa.), an art major.
Public reception, 4-8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 6, in the gallery. During the reception, images from the exhibition will be projected on the outside of the building and on the walls of the gallery. Attendees are encouraged to wear white in order to reflect the images.

Brown bag presentation, “Deep Patterns and Processes in Nature,”  Monday, Oct. 19, in the Gendebien Room of Skillman Library.
“Students Explore Connections Between Art and Science.”