Digital files of many of the paintings and sculptures in the art collection are available for research or publication.

Review and complete the photo services 2021 request form

Fax requests to (610) 330-5642, or email your request to

If you open the Rights and Reproduction request form in  Adobe Acrobat, you can fill-in the form. Please remember to “save” or “save as” the completed form as a pdf  before attaching it to a return email.

Rights and repro payments can be made by credit card 

Following recommendations set forward by College Art Association (CAA) in; reproduction fees are waived for image use in scholarly publications. 

If the Lafayette College Art Collection does not hold copyright for the image requested, the applicant is responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holder or family contact, and evidence of such permission, unless the image is in the public domain, must be presented to the museum before photographic materials will be released. The requestor with copyright information, if such information is available.