Referentem Mundum

March 4 through May 3, 2024

RECEPTION | 5:30 PM | March 7

This exhibition examines how artist Gabriel Rico considers his surroundings through found objects, topology, and environmental politics. Referentem Mundum (Latin for calculating the world) describes Rico’s practice of world-making through assemblages that are structured with mathematical logic and cladded with ethical considerations for history, culture, and ecology. Following theorem formulation, Referentem Mundum reinforces certain “givens” and “assumptions” to posit an abstract calculus that could optimistically offer a solvable visual equation to many world problems.

artwork with neon lights, and found objects by Gabriel Rico

Gabriel RICO- IV from the series –The poller and exactor of fees–, 2020Brass, neon, stone, plastic, sticker, mixed media92.1 × 132.1 × 6.4 cm | 36 1/4 × 52 × 2 1/2 inch