Elle Cox

The home, as in the place in which we reside for long periods of time, acts as a landscape for intimacy. Intimate relationships are often hidden behind those four walls and act as activators of the space. Home spaces require that activation from the relationships of those that reside in the space, and the camera is a voyeur to this act. Photographers have used the home as a holder of secrets and a space for activation. Home is a testament to the intimate relationships I have within my house, from the tensions, to the domestic labor, to the romance. Collective intimacy extends beyond personal intimacy when others are present: There are conflicts, actions, unspoken words that are represented. This project attempts to highlight those secrets of the home-landscape in order to give evidence to the relationships within my own life and how I am growing up as a woman. In order to understand and portray this kind of intimacy, the project follows my relationship with my partner in the context of home and captures the unseen roles, personal identities, and rule-breaking behavior (showcasing and breaking down stereotypes) that occur. These dynamics of our relationship can only be seen in Home, as the home is a space of privacy.