Mark Street, Flutter, 2020

Mark Street, still from Flutter, 2020, video, 12:09

Lighthearted and tactile, Flutter chronicles Mark Street’s wandering international cities, in all seasons, and shooting hours of video to capture a few minutes—or seconds—of fleeting images. The film juxtaposes these images, organizing them into loose categories such as: wind, light and optical effects, reflections, shadows, things to look through, open spaces, workers, crowds, people taking pictures, and people watching other people. Some shots are silent, others have ambient sound. There is no narrative or purpose other than codifying and enjoying what can be found while earnestly looking.

Flutter has morphed into having more than one version, as Street continues to add processed footage, new images, and black-and-white shots. Images that have hung together for a while have been reshuffled, and groups reformed: similarities realign as in Venn diagrams. Flutter is metaphor for a rich urban life apart from traditional definitions of community, business, and entertainment: it looks from the side to look within.

Part of Passing Bittersweet, a 2020 exhibition at the Williams Center Gallery. Find more of Mark Street’s work on his website.