April 17—June 3
Past | Present | Future | 2018 : Selections from the Lafayette Art Collection

The art collection of Lafayette College includes many treasures from neoclassicism to the contemporary period. Highlighting recent acquisitions, Past Present Future | 2018 provides a glimpse into the diversity and richness of this invaluable teaching resource and includes paintings, sculpture, works on paper, and photographs.

Fratelli Alinari, founded 1852
Ilse Bing (German, 1899-1998)
Gerald Brockhurst (British, 1890–1978)

Richard S. Buswell (American, b. 1945)
Leonard Freed (American, 1929–2006)
Buckminster Fuller (American, 1895–1983)
Grace Hartigan, (American, 1922–2008)
Pierre Lefebvre

Carlo Ponti (Italian, 1823–1893)
Arthur Rothstein (American, 1915–1985)
Alison Saar (American, b. 1956) & Evie Shockley
Alison Saar (American, b. 1956)
Francine Tint (American, b. 1953)
Peter Turnley b. 1955
Unknown Photographers (19th C.)