In the hypothetical, our ideas can exist without worldly constraints like physics, regulations, and budgets. In the hypothetical, everything is possible, including the impossible.

We invite you to write, draw, and draft your own hypothetical project. What problem large or small would you solve, how, and why? What opportunities does our hypothetical future hold, and what do they look like in your mind’s eye?

Let us fly on the back of genetically engineered hawks to curb fossil fuel consumption. Let us wear holographic clothes we can change with the click of our heels to maintain fashion excellence and eliminate fabric waste. Let us eat the same avocado, immortalized by the genes of the undying hydra, for the rest of time.

If you can’t make it to the Grossman Gallery to add your project, send a pdf to and your idea will be added to the notebook.


Jonathon Keats’s  Supercontinental Planning Kit (2015/2018) includes a blow-up globe and a Sharpie pen and a box addressed to the United Nations, which allows people to draw their own supercontinent.

Keats suggests through crowdsourcing and consensus we can figure out what an optimal supercontinent can be. 

Visitors are invited to participate in the project.