The Six-Word Story Project

Ernest Hemingway is credited with creating the six-word story, combining poetry and drama into a short form difficult to achieve. As described at, the Six-Word Story should provide a movement of conflict, action, and resolution that gives the sense of a complete story transpiring in a moment’s reading.

Add your Six-Word Stories

A suggested, but not required, story topic is waterin its many forms.

  1. The stories can be written in the Williams Center or Williams Visual Arts Lobbies–white cards and pens are available–and you can hang your stories on the display towers;

2. the white cards are also available through campus mail by contacting Wendy Sterling (;

3. submitted by email to or entered below in a blog post, and a student gallery assistant will copy the stories onto the cards.

The entries can be signed, or anonymous.

The Six-Word Story Project was initiated for the September 30-October 1, 2016 Gala and Community Open House celebrating the dedication of Buck Hall and the Williams Arts Campus.

A collaborative project of the Lafayette Art Galleries and the department of English.

The Six-Word Story Project is included in Confluence,  wide ranging series of interdisciplinary programs associated with rivers, inspired by Alison Saar’s Breach, an exhibition informed by the Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927


  • WATER:
    Rivers, Agua, O-mizu, eau, streams, creeks, tidal pool, estuary, dam, levees; Hudson, Delaware, Lehigh, Susquehanna, East Rivers, Ganges, Yamuna, Nile, Amazon River, Cumberland River, Neptune, Poseidon, Mermaids, hurricanes Sandy, Katrina, Diane, Agnes, Irene, Camille, floating, swimming, fishing, backwater, overflow, overtop, floodgates, baptism, holy water, drip, trickle, tributary, seep, breach, silt, mud,
    breach, watershed, Up a creek, sent upriver, downstream, waterbottle, waterfall, blood is thicker than water, like water off, a ducks back, a fish out of water, still water runs deep, ice, a drop in the ocean, watered down, dike, pier, Martin’s Creek, -kill (as in Bushkill, Schuylkill),  hell or high water, lunar tide, Water under the bridge, jetty, pier, in deep water, come hell or high water, down river, tread water, Styx, Acheron, dead in the water, holy water, baptism, Dakota Access Pipeline, Mississippi water spirit, Atlantic, Pacific, Inland Sea, Sarasota Sea, Bushkill Falls, in hot water, crest, spill, bubbles, riptide, raging, lake, puddle, overflow, puddle, watershed, currents, damp, spray, mist, gush, H20, neap tide, Hurricanes Katrina, Sandy, Camille, Agnes, Ivan, Irene, Matthew, sip, upstream…

Add your water-words or phrases in a blog post below.