November 7-December 13

Mai Ao ’16 | Tom Di’Giovanni | Lia Embil ’17 | Julia Guarch ’15 | Ed Kerns | Toby Maynard | Mike Pennella | Luis Schettino | Jenna Seybert ’15 | Jim Toia |

Frankenstein 2029: A Work in Progress
Lafayette students and faculty, like Dr. Frankenstein himself, will bring a new creation to life in performing Nick Dear’s thrilling take on Mary Shelley’s near-mythic tale. Set in various locations on the North Third Street arts campus, Frankenstein 2029 promises audiences a Sleep No More experience. Directed by Suzanne Westfall, running April 22 to 25, and coproduced by studio artist Ed Kerns and Suzanne Westfall, professor of English/theater and interim director of the arts, Frankenstein 2029 involves more than fifty faculty members and students from art, chemistry, computer science, engineering, English, neuroscience, and theater.

The exhibition will include working drawings, models, prints, videos and video projections, and music—some of which will be completed and used in the final production in April; others will evolve or be discarded. This is a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creating an intriguing production of Frankenstein.