• Screening of the award winning documentary, “Between the Folds.” Kirby 104, 7:00 p.m

“Blurring the mysterious lines between art, science, sculpture, and math, the film is an exhilarating adventure into origami, or paperfolding….[ the ten] eccentric artists and scientists in “Between the Folds” envision the three–dimensional possibilities of paper, and, as if by alchemy, change the mundane into the poetic and magical—all with no scissors, no tape and no glue. Ultimately, the medium of paperfolding itself—a blank, uncut square—emerges as a resounding metaphor for the creative potential of us all.”

Note: Robert J. Lang and Erik and Martin Demaine are featured in “Between the Folds”

Robert J. Lang, airbag deployment drawing

Erik and Martin Demaine, The Destructors, V