Sept. 3 – Oct. 27
Curator: Kathy Bruce
Origami, most popularly known as the ancient Japanese art of folding paper, brings to mind popular images of whimsical cranes, horses, insects, and swans. Who hasn’t experienced the childlike thrill of twisting and contorting brilliant colored squares into small paper objects?

Crease, Fold & Bend presents a cross section of contemporary paper structures where science and math meet art between the folds.  Moving beyond the traditional Japanese art form, contemporary mathematicians, architects, engineers, designers, and artists are revolutionizing origami by expanding the practice. Artists and fashion designers are using the mathematical forms as an approach to designing books, garments, and art installations. The origami cranes of the past have emerged into kayaks, shelters, safety devices, and other ingenious products.

 pdf version of catalogue here: Crease Fold & Bend – edition 2

Erik and Martin Demaine
Takayuki Hori
Tina Hovespian, Cardborigami ™
Kentaro Ishihara
Chawne Kimber and Ethan Berkove
Robert J. Lang
PopOut Maps
Luisa de los Santos-Robinson
Matthew Shlian
Carlos Runcie-Tanaka
Anton Willis, Oru Kayak
Michael Hezel (’14) and Eduardo Rodriguez (’14)
Xingyi Ma (‘13)
Jason Sheng (’15)