June 29 – Sept. 28, 2013
Jamie Cabreza, Michael Cabreza, Gregory Coates,
Thom Cooney Crawford, Tom D’Angelo, Cynthia Hartling,
David Henderson, Ken Kewley, Jacqueline Lima.

EDGE VS. LINE, a group exhibition celebrating “limit,” brings together seven Lehigh Valley and two New York City area artists who combine or contrast Edge, a sculptural term, with Line, a term associated with flat art forms. Whereas in calculus a “limit” is approached through a sequence of small steps but never reached, for artists working daily in the physical world, a “limit” is gallery walls, picture frames, edges of the piece itself or lines and edges inside the piece. Artists routinely use boundaries to separate information, organize space, and create meaning. The artists of EDGE VS. LINE contrast two-dimensional and three-dimensional space in a variety of ways, exploiting the difference between the two kinds of space, and approaching a harmony that remains just out of reach.

Guest curator, Elizabeth Johnson

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