Veronica Ceci, detail from Augmented Realities, in Room of Relief.

Veronica Ceci: Augmented Realities

The flat world of the screen literally glows and draws the eye and mind in and away from corporality. The distancing from the actual time spent in the flat world has a soporific effect that can provide transient relief from the mire of life. The increasing amount of time that individuals spend there affects myriad aspects of interpersonal relations. This distinctive artist-driven exhibition examines these effects. My contribution seeks to illuminate pestiferous practices particular to the flat world.

The series of monoprints from relief matrices, Augmented Realities, posits fantastical versions of what one is missing while engrossed in that world, and mimics the noisy volume of information found there. The multichromatic reductive woodcuts on the adjacent wall explore the figurative implications of focusing the entire body on a handheld device. These pieces, sourced in observation, highlight the chasm created when attentions are subjugated. Flat Screen, Touch Screen, They All Scream for New Screen evokes the experience itself by including iconic symbols handprinted in such a way as to be visible only from certain angles. The scale of the presentation engulfs the viewer in much the same way that one becomes wholly consumed while in the flat world.



Veronica Ceci received her BFA in printmaking from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She completed the Tamarind Institute Professional Lithographer program in 2002, and is a recipient of the Scuola Internazionale Di Grafica residency program in Venice, Italy. Currently, she resides in Austin, Texas, and holds the position of master lithographer for Flatbed Press. Her work is represented by El Sol Studios, in San Antonio, and the Monster Gallery, in Brooklyn. She keeps studio space at the Creative Side Studios, and is, at present, in a MFA program at Kent State University.