“Off Road”

The images are set in central Pennsylvania and are an exploration of the current state of the landscape. Much of the land was at one time heavily used for anthracite coal mining but has mostly been out of use since the 1960s. The landscape has been left in a state of upheaval with its surface torn, scarred and left as barren boulder fields and massive craters. The land has been drastically altered and given a new topography that has remained frozen in this state long after the industry left. These images represent the view of the landscape that exists just beyond the road. Despite the generally depressive nature of this man-altered space, the photographs themselves have an inherent beauty. There is a stillness and reflective quality to the rocks and vegetation that becomes jewel-like when captured on film. The purpose of this work is to draw attention to our surroundings, especially as we now look for new sources of fuels and contemplate reopening the earth.


Greta Brubaker