D. Polly Kendrick in the gallery knitting the shroud.

Easton artist D. Polly Kendrick will be in the gallery dressed as Madame Defarge, the character in Charles Dickens’  A Tale of Two Cities, who sat at the base of the guillotine and knitted the names of doomed aristocrats into a shroud. February marks the 200th birthday of Dickens. For her version of the shroud, Kendrick invites visitors to write on tri-colored ribbon the emotions, habits and lifestyles that they would like to shed from their lives. She will be knitting the scraps into the shroud.

Polly will be in-residence on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the early afternoon, approximately noon to 2 p.m. Come often to see the progress she makes with the shroud.

On January 10,  the 60 inch wide shroud was about 48 inches long.

On January 268 the shroud is about 62 inches long.